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Divorce costs can be more than money.  Learn more about the six types of divorce costs now!

Are you thinking about, in separation for or already divorcing?  Do you want to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your divorce process... and other things, too?

Or are you the family member or friend of someone divorcing and wish you could help?

This is the Guide for an easier and less expensive divorce process...

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Make Your Divorce Cost You Less
is the ground-breaking Guide that helps Women and Men who:


- Are thinking about, in separation for or already divorcing

- Want to learn the six types of divorce costs and how to economize on the ones important to them

- Desires basic learning about the divorce process and procedures for filing, court and their settlement agreement

- Need to determine whether they need help from the various types of divorce professionals and how to work with them in an effective and economical way

- Care about the effects of divorce on themselves, their family and friends and want to minimize negative ones

- Must experience two impending futures - one during and one after divorce
There are many ways to minimize costs during divorce.  Learn      how now!
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Make Your Divorce Cost You Less:



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